Robidoux Remedial Therapy

Robidoux Remedial Therapy


Bowen Technique Instructions

Day of treatment:

  • Break up your sitting periods every 30 min. This is important even if driving. Do stop within 30 minutes to get out and move. However, you may lie down today to rest or nap without getting up. The Bowen work will set further into the brain's hemispheres tonight while you are sleeping, so you DO NOT need to observe this practice tomorrow.
  • When you stand up from a sitting position, stand with your weight placed evenly on both of your feet, as you did when you got off the massage table after your treatment. This helps to maintain the balancing effect of the treatment on the body.
  • Strenuous exercise should be avoided. Gentle exercise such as walking and swimming are beneficial.
  • Increase your water intake. Room temperature water is easier for the body to assimilate.
  • No HOT baths, hot tubs, heating pads or ice packs. A brief, warm shower is fine.

During the week:
  • Please avoid all other forms of bodywork, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc. Also, avaoid hot tubs, hot or cold packs, long HOT showers /baths or dental drilling. Homeopathic medicines, essential oils and flower remedies may still be used, as they do not interfere with Bowen treatments.
  • Continue to increase your water intake (room temperature is recommended).

3 W's of Bowen:
  • WALK: Gentle walks helps the body process your Bowen treatment.
  • WATER: Increase your water intake.
  • WAIT: Call me if you have any questions or to report any major changes in your condition rather than resorting to other body treatments or self-care that may antidiote your Bowen session.